Gas Main Installation - Above & Below Ground

At ASCO W.A.G.S. Ltd we are experts at installing gas central heating systems and related general plumbing work. Above ground,we are adept at using compression fittings and soldering. We have installed gas central heating systems on big commercial property developments including homes for the elderly, office blocks and flats. Our offerings range from complete installation to repair work to leaking or damaged pipework. We also complete below ground installations. This is either by digging trenches, which is easier but often more disruptive, or trenchless excavation (underground moling) which is far less disruptive but more challenging and skilful. Fortunately, at ASCO W.A.G.S. Ltd, we have a huge amount of experience with this type of installation, for trusted completion every time.

Gas Testing Purge

Before gas pipes can be cut into and worked on, they need to be de-commissioned or purged to ensure the system is free of gas. We do this using nitrogen gas and flare stacks to remove the gas. Then the second stage is to use gas detecting equipment to ensure that the pipework is completely free of gas before we cut into it. This is dangerous work which can only be completely by those with relevant safety certifications, like ourselves.

Leak Detection

A gas leak is a problem that needs fixing straight away, so if you smell gas you can get in touch with us immediately and we will send out our qualified gas engineers to your site. Our professionals can detect and repair the problem with their tested and calibrated equipment. Then, if it is natural gas we can de-commission the pipe and undertake the necessary repairs require to ensure safety for you.

Plant Room

ASCO W.A.G.S. are specialists in working on your gas plant room. Our services include plant room fits-outs and ripping out old plant rooms as well as reconfiguring and repairing your plant room. It is required by law that only members of the Gas Safe Register undertake this work, and as members we can ensure that work on your plant room is conducted legally, safely and efficiently. Most importantly we can ensure this minimises the disruption to your business.

Live Branch Connection

Ideally, the gas would be shut off before undertaking any work on the pipes, but sometimes this isn’t desirable or even possible where a continual flow is required. In these situations, we can undertake a live branch connection and have expertise doing this on both steel and underground M.D.P.E. pipework. We can undertake live branch connections either by Under Pressure Drilling, or Gas Squeeze Off which require highly skilled experts like ASCO W.A.G.S. to complete safely.

Under Pressure Drilling

Under pressure drilling, or ‘hot tapping’ involves us drilling a hole into a flowing gas pipe to make a branch connection without interrupting flow or allowing any gas to leak. We do this by welding a tapping tee on top of the pipe, and then joining the fitting onto the pipe. As soon as it has cooled down, the pipe can be drilled.

Gas Squeeze Off

Another way we can effect a live branch connection is by using a squeeze off clamp. There are various different clamps we can use to suit either large bore or small bore pipes. The pipe is then closed or ‘squeezed off’ which prevents the flow of gas. It is essential that appropriate checks are made to ensure the squeeze off has been effective and no gas is flowing, but once this has been done the pipe fusing can be fixed.

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