Water Main Installation – Above & Below Ground

At ASCO W.A.G.S. Ltd we can install water systems and execute general plumbing work, whether it is using compression fittings or through complex soldering. We are very experienced in this area, having installed water systems on many different major building projects. We can fulfil a complete installation, to making repairs to leaking or damaged pipework. We also work on below ground installations. These are fulfilled by digging trenches, which is easier but often more disruptive, or trenchless excavation (underground moling) which is far less disruptive but involves far more skill in completion. We have highly developed expertise in all of these areas.

Plumbing & Heating

We can undertake all types of plumbing and heating work, including replacing and installing central heating systems to every type of property from small to large. Our extensive range of experience makes ASCO W.A.G.S. Ltd an unparalleled choice and a trustworthy and safe pair of hands, no matter the project. In addition to major installation work, we provide an extensive range of remedial works, including the repair and replacement of leaking or damaged pipe work.

Underground Fire Main Installation

Chilled Flow & Return

Water Leak Repair

Water Leaks are a common occurrence, particularly with old cast iron pipes which were installed many years ago. There are a huge range of things that can cause them to break and leak their contents, including ground movements and even just bouts of cold weather which can cause them to fracture. Fortunately ASCO W.A.G.S. are on hand to fix the problem and replace the damaged pipes with a more permanent and robust material such as M.D.P.E. or H.P.P.E. which will provide a long-lasting solution.

Testing & Chlorination

It is essential that once water pipework has been replaced, it is clean and safe for use. Therefore all of the new water installations that we complete are tested and then chlorinated. A sample of the water is taken and sent off to the pathology laboratory so that it can be analysed, to ensure it is clean. This guarantees the pipes are in peak condition and fully safe.

Plant Room

ASCO W.A.G.S. are specialists in working on your water plant room, including plant room fit outs and ripping out old water plant rooms with all associated pipes. We can also reconfigure and repair your plant room to meet your needs completely. We can ensure that work on your plant room is conducted legally, safely and efficiently, minimising disruption to your business.

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